Overview of Sohomobile Developer Module
Sohomobile is a user friendly developer module that allows users to fully customize their own preferred features, multimedia information, and the many other tools within the module. Setting up Sohomobile is quick and simple, users can almost begin selling immediately.

The Sohomobile system provides functions such as:
1. Content and user management system
2. Built in billing system
3. User support system
4. Data flow analysis model

The key components of Sohomobile comprise the following:

Content and user management system
Besides developer tools, Sohomobile has a strong content and user base management system that provides content based services for marketing oriented users.

Built in billing system
The most sophisticated part the developers facing is the billing engine. With a built in real time reporting and billing system, developers can now develop and launch new products within short period of time and focus on marketing without worrying much about payment collection. The developers can now view their up-to-minute sales performance through a web based portal.

Data flow analysis model
The strong selling point and reason for users; is the data flow analysis model. Real-time remote monitoring capabilities through central data management center; creates vital marketing decisions for time sensitive marketers. For example; deciding the bestselling products, deciding when & how the content was sold, how much was it priced, and to which market segment.

This thorough reporting system provides users; valuable insights into their own content development, system selection & implementation, and deployment plans for their corporate or consumer content needs.

Marketing Tools

Ready made sales templates for users to choose, customize, design and start selling without worry much about starting from scratch.

Supporting Tools – ask the Experts
On top of reports and statistics, customer support is most important when dealing with end consumer applications services. Sohomobile servers are monitored (24/7) by professional network administrators. Telephone and round the clock on-site support is provided.

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